Staying Creative in a Data-Driven Era.

Is data driving creativity or is creativity inspired by data? Have we given in to the assurance of data and given up taking a risk? Are we more driven by fear to deliver measurable growth? Less driven to create big ideas that create an impact? 

Great creativity comes from having the right data, but the word data-driven suggests that data is in charge. If data can deliver the precise message at the right time to the right people at the right moment on the right location, is there still a role for creativity to surprise and delight us? About 67% of marketers discover that digital growth in advertising has come at the price of the quality of creative from a survey conducted by Adtech Company, Sizmek. Even though there's a significant emphasis on data, AL and VR, many are now looking for opportunities to incorporate more creativity into their campaigns. Approximately 81% of surveyed say that improving digital campaigns to boost their creatives more effectively is a critical priority. 

Let's learn from inspiring data-driven creative examples to see how data, when used as a component of creative development, can give birth to strong insights. Insights are what delivers award-winning big creative ideas that resonate in the marketplace.

Tay Guan Hin has helped Shell, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott, P&G, HSBC, Unilever, and other global brands improve market share and solve business challenges. He operates well within this complexity always matching flawless execution with inspiring creative ideas, staying true to the DNA of the brand. 

Guan is the true collaborator, a profound alchemist of creative success in a team working in the most creative agency worldwide networks, like JWT, Saatchi & Saatchi and Leo Burnett. Guan's role continues to evolve: delivering insightful creativity that builds on digital and innovative engagement to increase brand preference.

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He has been fortunate enough to be recognized in Cannes Lions as a Jury President, D&AD Foreman, One Show Judge, Head of Jury Asia Pacific Effies, creative innovator, and a tank mechanic. As a thought leader, he is a sought-after keynote speaker in many global and regional conventions including Spikes Asia, One Show China, Brand Fest, Adfest, Brand Forum, AdStar, and Cannes Lions. Guan devotes the same passion that goes into his work by mentoring young talents. Setting up the first student awards in Singapore. He spoke and trained students at the first 2004 One Show China and again in 2018, including the Spikes Asia Young Academy 2018.

Brand Communities – The Magic of Managing Brands Today

Brand management has traditionally been occupied with constructing rigid edifices—polished logos, perfected environments, and carefully scripted experiences. But in today’s complex, fast-moving marketplace, the concept of control is a fallacy. Brands today are shaped by innumerable people across multiple channels and experiences. These groups include employees, partners, agencies, and a wider set of third-party influencers and superfans. They are not passive audiences to be governed, but active participants to be nurtured. To address this new reality, we need to let go of outdated assumptions. We need a new playbook.


Presenting Landor’s Brand Community Model at the Brand Magic Summit 2019. This fluid and adaptive style of brand management is what will create magic today.

Lulu has been at Landor for seventeen and a half years. She has worked at Landor’s San Francisco, New York and London offices in various roles including naming manager, brand strategist, corporate strategist and client director before setting up Landor in Mumbai and then heading the business. Lulu spearheaded Landor’s entry into the Sri Lankan market where the company has been operating through a partnership for over five years now. She is a renowned industry commentator and thought leader. She anchored Bloomberg UTV’s Beyond Logo show and is a speaker and moderator at brand and design conferences.

Lulu was named one of India’s 50 most influential women in media, marketing and advertising in 2015 by IMPACT Magazine. Lulu was on the Cannes Lions Design Jury and the Young Lions Design Jury at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity in 2018. She passionately evangelises the power of design and brands to create commercial value and social impact.

REAL. QUICK. The Importance of Authenticity and Simplicity for Brands in the Digital World

In the digital world customers are becoming more savvy, cynical and impatient. Brands need to wear many hats and communicate their messages faster and more clearly than ever. How can a compelling yet simple idea at the heart of a brand help meet these challenges and allow brands to engage in a creative, original and consistent manner?

Steve Owen is the founder of I am SO. With over twenty years’ experience in the branding industry he has worked at some of the top global agencies including the role of Executive Creative Director at Landor, Siegel+Gale and Heavenly. He has worked with a rich and diverse range of clients and projects including Asia-Pacific telecom giants in Ncell, Globe and Maxis, British sporting institutions England Rugby and Fulham Football Club and re-brands of Patek Philippe and Jaguar Cars. Over the years Steve has won numerous global awards including golds in DBA Design Effectiveness; the Marketing Society awards; Marketing Magazine design awards; The New York Festivals; Critique Magazine awards and a seven coveted D&Ad pencils.

Brand Loyalty: It’s All About Quality. What Does It Mean in the Digital Age?

Substance will always trump form, no matter how sexy or eye-catching an alliteration like Dunkin’ Donut is, the visual forms of branding will soon be fazed out if quality is not addressed and in particular quality as a standard, i.e. total quality management and consistency. Despite the effective branding, companies have been on the decline because of their unreliability or substandard nature of their products. Globalisation simply means that a substandard product -- irrespective of how attractive the brand is -- will create little or no equity.

Mohamed Khan is the former MD of the City Banking College in the UK, who successfully established and managed the exponential growth of the financial training institution for academic and professional qualifications in London. He is a self-starter with significant achievements and over 33 years of outstanding training experience in banking, accountancy and management disciplines. He has proven credentials in establishing a professional training establishment amidst the fiercely competitive London market, building strong linkages with UK Universities. Mohamed is an Associate of The Chartered Institute of Bankers (Chartered Banker) with a law diploma and strong entrepreneurial, leadership, communication and negotiation skills.

Mohamed Is currently the CEO of The Financial Services Institute, a State-Owned Training Company that has undergone considerable change in terms of branding.

AI, asked Alexa? Elementary, my dear Watson, replied Siri! It’s not only the future, it’s already your present, and it may not be the gift you expect, added Cortana!

Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest technology topics. It’s pervasive, ubiquitous, and on everybody’s lips. We keep hearing our jobs will disappear, our companies will be disrupted, and our lives will change. Media display potential dystopian tomorrows through series, films and nightmarish predictions. Well, forget the future, it’s already your current reality, but, maybe, not the way you think! We will look at what Artificial Intelligence is all about, what it’s not and what big trends are impacting marketing, branding and advertising. Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world. Welcome to your surprising natural present!

Marc Israel is a dynamic Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, Author and Public Speaker, with more than 30 years of success across Technology industries. After 17 years at Microsoft and leveraging extensive experience in technical leadership, Marc recently founded Aetheis, a company providing consultancy in the field of cognitive services and digital transformation.

Marc attained his degree in Robotics and Engineering from École Superieure D’Ingénieurs en Électrotechnique et Électronique in Paris. He has completed Dale Carnegie Sales Training, INSEAD Executive Education, and Wharton Executive Education (with distinction) programs. Marc is the recipient of many National Public Speaking Award and the author of over 20 books published in French and English on various technical and leadership topics.

Using Creativity as a Force for Business, Change and Good.

This session investigates the correlation between award winning creativity and business performance. This 45-minute session proves the case for creativity, establishing why it’s a force for business, for change and for good. Joe Pullos will show his personally selected case films of award- winning work from Cannes 2018 that are evidence of the three big themes galvanising our industry. Joe will also unpack the key future trends and show how award-winning creativity has the power to change the culture of your organisation and drive bigger returns for your business.

Joe Pullos is the Festival Director for Spikes Asia, the highly coveted advertising awards show and biggest 3-day Festival of Creativity in APAC. Part of the Cannes Lion family, Spikes is the highest accolade in the communications industry and awards the best of the best creatives across APAC each September in Singapore.

Joe is a hugely experienced brand marketer with over 20 years’ experience using creativity to drive better commercial outcomes across a variety of sectors including media, retail, financial services and entertainment. Joe now leads the Spikes Asia awards show and festival across the region and has been associated with Cannes Lion for over 10 years.

Based in the heart of Silicon Beach, Jonathan is also a professor and advisor for Boston University’s Graduate Program in Media Ventures and a mentor with the Stubbs Alderton Preccellerator and Accellerator programs – with a focus on positioning, partnerships, infrastructure and general business concerns. An insatiable thirst for knowledge leads Jonathan to constantly dig deeper, leading to his ability to provocatively engage others via keynotes and panels that drive real value for attendees. Additionally, Jonathan is Co-Host of ‘Geeks with Grey Hair’, a regular series related to social fandoms and the properties that excite them.