Driving Brands into the Future
Trends and Practices.

About the Summit

The Brand Magic Summit is a one of a kind and the only annual event on Branding in Mauritius. This is a platform which will inspire and empower participants keep brand relevancy in an ever-changing world, find Brand purpose, reinvent a legacy and create a culture of innovation.

Please watch the highlights of Brand Magic Summit 2019 at: Here

Following the success of the five Brand Magic Summits, the sixth edition of the Brand Magic Summit will be held on Thursday, 24th September, 2020 at the Trianon Convention Centre.

Brands have engulfed us throughout our lives. They form an essential part of our daily routines in different shapes and forms by providing both meaning and utility. Like us, they can change and adapt either retaining some elements of familiarity or reinventing themselves completely.

However, what really sets apart good brands from great brands is their ability to engage and communicate with their customer base. As times change, so will the users of the brand and as such, brands need to be on the lookout for trends that can help them stay relevant in the minds of consumers.

As we move to a new decade, what are the new emerging trends that your brand can make use of?

Learning objectives:

Participants will be exposed to the emerging branding trends, insights into how these trends will affect business in 2020 and beyond and what strategies brands and companies can adopt to keep their brands relevant.

Who should attend?

The Brand Magic Summit is a targeted event attracting around 300 professionals from the Advertising, Branding, Marketing, Sales, Public Relations, Corporate and Finance world. Our attendees come from a varied background comprising of professionals, decision makers, students and anyone interested in advertising, branding and marketing..

Why you should attend?

The Brand Book 2020

Get a complimentary copy of the unputdownable 5th Brand Book 2020, with articles and interesting Case studies of well-known Brands written by marketing and branding gurus.

The Top Brands of Mauritius Awards

Be a part of the select crowd to cheer and applaud the Best Brands at the Top Brands of Mauritius Awards 2020 ceremony? The winners are based on a survey conducted by Kantar, the largest Research Agency in the country.

Networking Cocktails

Attend the networking cocktails to meet new and interesting people to exchange ideas or to just make friends.